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A Word On Creative Content – The ‘Precocious Life©’ Promise

It’s more than about just ‘creative content’. Yes, of course, we are followers and fervent believers in great literary content but it’s more than that.

In this introduction we state several times that you are our visitor – you are important to us and we’ll prove it – we want you safe and your confidence that you can depend on what you read here as being as factual as we could possibly report it.

But it’s even more than that – we want you to know that all of the stories that are created here find their life within and spring from honorable soil. So, if you read it here you know the stories found their genre within this site and that we have done our best to ‘breathe the truth’ into these pieces without bias, spin or especially, misleading personal commentary – that’s where you come in – we want your views. We want you to feel the essence and different perspectives that we write about for you.

We go even one step further and proclaim that even the truthful facts are not enough by themselves for it shows no effect, no impact; only words that are lacking a story in a context where it becomes meaningful to you.

This is where we are different – the facts and stories even though some of these may be of morbid and tragic sorts they may nevertheless have their place in the news because they have an impact on your everyday lives and awareness.

When we do report on these types of events you can rest assured that we will do so in a way that is genuine and intellectual without the sordid inflammatory details to evoke certain unnecessary and frightening responses as others may do for we believe that this would not be honest to you – our Visitor.

We detest these types of reporting tactics that are inciteful, graphically frightening, but worst of all disingenuous and factually incorrect. At Precocious Life we refer to this type of reporting as ‘Presstitution©’ which we define as immoral, disrespectful to the reader, and irresponsible. You will never find it here.

So, trust us at first and see how we do this – we believe we know how and no these will not be of the soaring platitudes of a ‘War & Peace’ Epic but we will do a respectable job – We promise.

Latest Articles by Precocious Life Blog ©


by Hady Mawajdeh 7 Nov 2017 – (originally published on ART & SEEK, photograph by Tamytha Cameron) Rumors swirled around the internet over the past few days about the death of Meadows Museum curator Nicole Atzbach. Today, the museum confirmed her passing. It is with great sadness that we inform you that Nicole Atzbach, Curator of the …

A WITHERED HAND OF STRENGTH – An inspirational story about a chance meeting at a scenic tourist rest stop between a man who is besieged by grief and a ninety-three-year-old woman who only stopped by to reflect but who quickly learned that her “withered hand” of strength was needed. ©

by Precocious Life© The afternoon in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains appeared somber as I drove along I-24 westbound from Knoxville to Memphis to be with my children. I had been overseas for three months in the Netherlands at an educational summit and had enjoyed it immensely; well, that is until I received that …

About Us

Here’s what we want to Give to you, our visitor.

Inspiration – to begin your day and remain with you through the stressful hours of whatever it is that you must perform every working day. Topics that add value to you in some way whether financial, informational or emotional as all of these are critical to your health. We search for the less stressful ways to accomplish a goal or the interesting that captivates your thoughts and makes you think and wonder and share with others.

Or, better yet share back with to us with your comments because we want to know if we are accomplishing
our Goal. Did we get it right? What other topics or stories would you like to see or know about?

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We will bring you news and facts in a storyline that is interesting, entertaining and memorable rather than in a disturbing slaughterhouse depiction of biased and fake news. Such calculated media coverage (especially the Headlines) are designed to frighten you and create anxiety so that you will play the “double/triple Click Trick” game and feed some corporation cookie medicine. Here at Precocious Life we call that “Presstitution” (I think you get the point about how we regard the ethics of such practices).

Intellectual & Emotional nutritional food for your starving desires to visit and read true content that provides some part of your life Value. There’s a lot of good things going on out there and we look for them and to bring them to you.

Stories and Story-lines for sure but with content that will give you the feeling that you are glad that you spent a few of your precious moments with us and by the way, that’s all we want, a Few of your Treasured & Priceless moments.

Information on topics of which some are legal of course but in a ‘Nutshell version that is easy to understand. We strive to make this news stories relevant to you with facts about things that are going on all around you that you would like to know but simply do not know where to look for them or do not have 30 minutes to research them (and even when you do you don’t feel comfortable with your understanding of it).

Value to Your Quality of Life – We are motivated towards the interesting, the life benefiting information, products or stories that you were not aware of but that is useful to you. We are especially passionate about the commitment to leave you with an emotional ‘lift’ after you have visited our site.

We don’t do ‘shock- incentivized’ Titles simply to lure you here only to thereafter impose the burden upon you of having you double or triple click so that we can accumulate additional information from you to exchange, rent or sell to Corporate America – we do not do ‘cookies’ – we do not believe in them although they are profitable. We have no interest in tracking where you go after you leave our site, what you buy, where you shop or obtaining any financial clues about you – we believe it is an unwarranted intrusion on why you came to visit us.


Think of Precocious Life as Your Upstream Media”


We had hoped that the media publishers would at some point examine their own standards and their own responsibilities but this hope has been in ‘eternal vain’ – so be it. It does not affect our own and we assure you that these are high, not for sale and overcome by enormous sums of money in exchange to contribute to the adulteration of your way of thinking or feeling.

We believe how you think and feel about today’s world are under attack. Here’s how. If you stay with us and tuned in to PL we will be writing an Article of just how this attack is being conducted. Much of this information will be revealed in the third part of our series “Snowmageddon, Brain Data Mining and The Dark Side of Data” which we believe that you will find fascinating.

Our topics and stories are more of the sober ones that the intellectual reader, the ‘precocious ones’ will appreciate. Even if they are only inspirational ones such as our coverage of the “Youngest President” or “Netherland’s Nazis” stories (see blog page) they are nonetheless in the very best of spirit and written to inspire you through the lives of others. After all, you have given us a few precious moments of your time and we value that. So, the contents here as printed are not of the trivially sentimental, covering what a movie star wears, goes or who they are marrying- we don’t care and the truly ‘precocious minds’ aren’t interested either.

Our articles or purpose is NOT to overstate and capitalize off of the misfortunes of an event, a people, a culture or a value. This is not a Blog to incite contentious debate nor to simply issue malicious statements because we are protected by the 1st Amendment. These ever so popular mainstream ‘shock’ Headlines are an unlawful taxation of your psychological intelligence & emotional maturity. This tactic conjures up another original PL term we frequently use around here: PSMs = Psychopathic Serial Marketers.

By the way, we have a story on the subliminal psychological tactics and tricks of the media to entice the “Double Click Trick” game coming here to PL soon and we will show you how to recognize them and save enormous amounts of time (*6 1/2 weeks a year) and we know that you will be astounded by these revelations.

If it is here it is because it has been seriously scrutinized to a standard befitting of you, our visitor – you are our guest and you deserve to depend on responsible Articles, events, stores of values and Life enhancing information, products, and even companies. Every so often we may even publish for you a ‘repeat’ of meritorious writings found elsewhere that we like but that probably didn’t make it to the ‘mainstream’. Again stated: Your ‘Upstream Media’.

You will not find any laudatory sentiments that favor one class, group or beliefs over another. You decide what you will think or believe after reading the facts in a storyline or Article and we want to hear back from you. Tell us what you like and why.

Here’s an example of what we mean:

Quantum Cryptology – Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Theorem that ‘the instant at which the position of the electron is known, its momentum, therefore, can be known only up to magnitudes which correspond to that discontinuous change’ (Oh my God, is this hieroglyphics?). 

Precocious Life Definition – This simply means that observation of quanta changes its behavior. In other words, if you have looked at it you have changed it simply by viewing it. Observing it alters its position & characteristics. We mention this because this is rapidly developing into what many predict to be the next form of encryption.

Now, you may wonder why I chose this concept. What does Quantum Cryptology have to do with anything you might be interested in you may ask? – well, it’s because we have an article coming in a few months that discusses how this affects all forms of encryption, the safety of information and the security of your financial assets.

Ever heard of “Quantum Networks Internet” utilizing entangled light photons? Don’t worry, we are following it.  We want you to know about it Before it becomes a truly viable system and into the mainstream media because we are all but certain that even then it will be “Presstituted” and characterized in such a way as to entice you to “double click” once more and under fear or impending threat of some type or another.

Mainstream will probably publish a story very soon (if not tomorrow) in a provocative HEADLINE that this is already in use and designed to disrupt your life and savings but it’s not – read about it here and we will let you know. Give us 5 minutes and you’ll know all about it and have a grasp of what it’s all about but in a storyline, that is enjoyable and entertaining to read.

A Word About Corporations – We have found a few companies to write about not for profit but because they are interesting – their work culture, purpose or product is ‘vibrantly’ different and we believe enchanting and we think you will agree. We often know these companies and their owners and personally.

Miracule Water
MiraculeWater systems recreate “Nature’s Process” and as a result is “living energized water”. Click to read testimonies, learn more about the process, and start enjoying pure energized MiraculeWater today!

For example, have you ever heard of a water purification system that raises the ORME? What’s that? Well, as it turns out it is an Orbitally Rearranged Mon-atomic Elements that is truly the only natural way that water was millions of years ago and it is Life enhancing and the proof is in the Patent.

Or what about a Company that has found incredible new ways to use highly sophisticated Drones for the safety of ordinary people, projects and to illustrates beautiful imagery and even people’s property that they would ordinarily not be able to view. In other words, former intelligence & defense technology is now available to you in a million ways and it is exciting!

What are the best ways to prevent cyber-attacks (no it’s not something you need to buy!).

Where can you get the Best Pecan Pie in the United States and delivered right to your front door? Or the best Swiss Chocolate with your initials or Corporate ‘Logo’ embossed upon it. We know where.

Or the Best Seafood to cook at your home? See what I mean, we are ‘Precocious’.

You, Our Trusted Visitor Are the Ones That Are Going to Make Precocious Life Interesting, Artistic, Informative & Value of life – Enhancing Packed.

As we Began, “Just A Precocious Idea” – We cannot wait to be a part of your life – Everyday.

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