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A Word On Creative Content – The ‘Precocious Life©’ Promise

It’s more than about just ‘creative content’. Yes, of course, we are followers and fervent believers in great literary content but it’s more than that.

In this introduction we state several times that you are our visitor – you are important to us and we’ll prove it – we want you safe and your confidence that you can depend on what you read here as being as factual as we could possibly report it.

But it’s even more than that – we want you to know that all of the stories that are created here find their life within and spring from honorable soil. So, if you read it here you know the stories found their genre within this site and that we have done our best to ‘breathe the truth’ into these pieces without bias, spin or especially, misleading personal commentary – that’s where you come in – we want your views. We want you to feel the essence and different perspectives that we write about for you.

We go even one step further and proclaim that even the truthful facts are not enough by themselves for it shows no effect, no impact; only words that are lacking a story in a context where it becomes meaningful to you.

This is where we are different – the facts and stories even though some of these may be of morbid and tragic sorts they may nevertheless have their place in the news because they have an impact on your everyday lives and awareness.

When we do report on these types of events you can rest assured that we will do so in a way that is genuine and intellectual without the sordid inflammatory details to evoke certain unnecessary and frightening responses as others may do for we believe that this would not be honest to you – our Visitor.

We detest these types of reporting tactics that are inciteful, graphically frightening, but worst of all disingenuous and factually incorrect.  At Precocious Life we refer to this type of reporting as ‘Presstitution©’ which we define as immoral, disrespectful to the reader, and irresponsible. You will never find it here.

So, trust us at first and see how we do this – we believe we know how and no these will not be of the soaring platitudes of a ‘War & Peace’ Epic but we will do a respectable job – We promise.

The facts are what affects our lives, our values, and our traditions and some of the social forces in our society want to influence yours to fit theirs – we resist these practices and believe that this is not the purpose of creative content.


What does it do, how does it affect us?  Do we simply flow with the currents of contemporary beliefs of the wide and torrid currents of the traditional mainstream media? We think not.

“For what good is it for a nation to survive
if its traditions and values do not survive with it?”
– John F. Kennedy (addressing the Press, 1961)

We trust that your beliefs and values are as the ‘oars’ of your own ship that need to be placed into the waters of these tumultuous currents and steer you in your own desired direction. A destination where YOU decide and determine your own core values and beliefs to be and where you want to navigate them. We hope our Content will provide you with this food for your Soul as you reach your desired destination. A destination based on reality as it is, truth and integrity. Are you with us? Will you give us a chance? You won’t be sorry.

We want you to feel the passion about our humanity that we are striving to bring to you.

That’s what we want to Bring to you! And we will!

* Disclaimer – © 2017 Precocious Life. All rights reserved. Any reproduction, copying, or redistribution, in whole or in part, is prohibited without written permission from the publisher.

The information contained herein is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It is not designed to meet your personal situation—we are not financial advisors nor do we give personalized advice. Cryptocurrency is a new & novel concept and like anything else within these parameters it has had and possibly will have volatility, like stocks, precious metals, etc…  The opinions expressed herein are those of the publisher and are subject to change without notice. It may become outdated and there is no obligation to update any such information.

There should be nothing contained herein that should be construed as a recommendation. Any publications should be made only after consulting with your advisor and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company in question. You shouldn’t make any decision based solely on what you read here.

Precocious Life writers and publications do not take compensation in any form for covering those securities or commodities. Precocious Life expressly forbids its writers from owning or having an interest in any security that they recommend to their readers.

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