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Today between the dimensions of grace & inspirations we find a passage that we want to share with you.

Portrait of William Blake by Thomas Phillips
Portrait of William Blake by Thomas Phillips

William Blake – one of the greatest Romantic Poets of all time. The College Professors whom I had in college were in earnestly deep interest and fascination about this man and they state that Blake, who at the age of eight was totally fluent in six different languages and who at the age of five could write in one and speak in another at the same time. His Artistry even at the age of 10 was comparable to the likes of even Michael Angelo. Simply stunning!

But the thing that stands out to us that we want to share with you is a saying that he wrote once that has remained in the sacred recesses of my mind since College and I want to propose this concept to you.

It is perhaps more important today than it was in Blake’s time especially with all of the totally false, incentivized and malicious ‘News’ that is being disseminated out over the internet today. He said:

“I must create my own system or thereby be enslaved by another man” he called this enslavement the “mind-forg‘d manacles” (or binding restraints such as handcuffs)

So, today we ask you; do you believe that you’re doing everything that you can to keep yourself free from Blake’s expressionism of ‘mind-forg’d manacles’? These theorems and concepts will be covered in-depth in our upcoming article ‘SNOWMAGEDDON’,  BRAIN DATA MINING & THE DARK SIDE OF DATA ©”)

And do you believe that there are institutions and others out there that would love to place restraints or handcuffs on your mind and over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in your quest along your journey for the truth? You’d had better believe that there are.

And while you’re at it ask yourself one final question; Do you love the truth because if you do you’re here, with us at Precocious Life because we do also and that being the case you are in the right place! Please travel the journey of mental emancipation, deliverance, and Freedom with us because we care!


Visit THE WILLIAM BLAKE ARCHIVE and immerse yourself in his major works of visual and literary art. 

The Canterbury Pilgrims Copper engraving
The Canterbury Pilgrims Copper engraving printed on paper. Approximately 1 × 3 ft. Multiple impressions in various collections; this impression is owned by The McCormick Library of Special Collections at Northwestern University, Illinois (USA).

Or, visit the TATE online, which has four major sites and the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day and international modern and contemporary art (includes nearly 70,000 artworks).

Songs of Experience – The Tyger by William Blake.  Click here to listen.

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